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Frequently asked questions

We offer 30 Day Free Returns to all brand new JS Surfboards purchased online, although it does not include any discounted, ex-team, ex-demo or factory seconds boards.

Yes, we now have a factory store the JS Garage Kirra. See here for store updates, stock and opening hours.

Otherwise, to find a store near you stocking the JS range click here.

Currently production time is about 4 - 6 weeks for a standard PU board depending on the workload at the factory. HYFI/EPS (Epoxy boards) tend to take a bit longer, around 12-14 weeks currently.

Clear the cookies in your browser, close it, and revisit the website. If any problems persist please email us via

As a model is developed it is almost always based on specs from team testing. As a result, the team guys will be riding one of the same sizes available in the model plan. You can see this model plan on each board page along with details on which team rider is riding what under it.

Selecting the correct board size depends on a range of different variables. Our volume calculator takes into account all major variables, from height/weight, age & fitness to the waves you surf on a regular basis have been taken into account to get you closer to your ideal surfboard.

You can also reach out to us or your local Traktor dealer about your personal preferences and situation.

Be careful with your HYFI, both in and out of the water! Although they're much stronger and more durable than normal PU surfboards, they're not indestructible. Don't leave it in the sun. No surfboard deals well with a lot of excess heat. Ensure any minor dings are fixed with epoxy resin.

If you can tick these few simple boxes then there's a great chance your HYFI will be your best friend for a long, long time. Enjoy!

Throughout the development of these technologies, during which the team tried dozens of prototypes in a range of different models, they found their boards worked best in standard dimensions. While the EPS core and epoxy elements of these constructions do add a small degree of extra flotation, testers like Dusty Payne felt it was only just enough to notice a slight increase in buoyancy and ease of paddling, but not enough to warrant making any changes to dimensions or overall volume.

It's also worth noting that the rails in the HYFI & CarboTune range are slightly lowered compared to the standard PU models, which serves to make it even easier for you to ride your normal dimensions in these constructions.

You can find the boards made stock in these constructions over on our surfboards page here.

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