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HYFI 3.0 is our next major upgrade to stay on the cutting edge of surfboard construction, utilising everything we’ve learnt from both HYFI2.0 and CarboTune, revolving around a full carbon bottom and rails. For HYFI 3, this provides even better strength and longevity of performance.

The main components are:
• EPS core
• Unique multi layered epoxy & hybrid fibres
• Engineered carbon stringers
• Full carbon bottom and rails
• Innegra deck reinforcement

This new combination of layers gives you a snap back and lively torsion, so as you lean into a turn it’s always loading up and projecting you forward. For any weaker conditions requiring surfers to create their own excitement, it’s the best we’ve made yet.


We first built these scaled pins for use across the HYFI2.0 range, and after overwhelmingly positive feedback, we’ve continued with the same scaled pins in the deck of each HYFI 3. We found the next level of this technology by developing precision engineered stringers, or pins, which are scaled specifically for each board. The size of the pin changes depending on the dimensions of the HYFI, and therefore the weight of its intended rider. The shape of each board’s pin perfectly reflects our goal of making the stiffest part of the board at the centre, tapering out to each end. This results in an even better flex pattern that helps you load and explode into turns.


We discovered a lot throughout construction of the 100% carbon boards which became CarboTune. It’s been tested by surfers of all sizes, in every type of wave, resulting in a technology that’s been carefully tuned and adjusted for each set of dimensions we build. That means your next best board ever is made in HYFI 3.

“The next step was to combine the two. Strength, stiffness and response of the carbon, combined with the spring of HYFI.” – Jason Stevenson

“What I really, really like about this construction is just how easy it is to surf. The spring and reaction time. With CarboTune, the harder you surf it, the more you get out of it because of the extra stiffness. As for these, even IF you only surf it at60 - 70% intensity you’ll still get so much benefit and speed.” – Jason Stevenson

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“It’s addictive. The carbon is so addictive, you ride it and you feel this spring back you’ve never had before. And you want more.” – Luke Egan

“It has that X factor for me. This is your WRX, if you wanna get somewhere fast this board will get you there.” – Joel Parkinson

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